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It is difficult to recount our own personal history. It would be easier to get someone else to do it for us. However, it is important that the people who are interested in finding out something more about my job, and my experiences on the stage or on the set of films and TV programmes, should have a chance to do it just leafing through this CV-autobiography of mine. Hopefully later on I will be able to complete it with comments made by friends I have worked with - actors, directors, critics, journalists… They might tell something about me as an actress, a friend, a colleague, a singer, a reader, a critic, and so on. A kind of ‘people tell about her… ’ stuff.

Well, my real passion, my dream was the theatre. Hence, my first step was to take and pass the entry exam at the Accademia Nazionale d’Arte Drammatica S. D’Amico in Rome. I graduated with an essay on the adaptation and dramatization of some short stories by L. Pirandello, under the literary guidance and the direction of Andrea Camilleri.

Leafing through my CV you will notice that I have concentrated much more on the theatre than on TV or cinema productions. There are many reasons why. My passion for the stage, my student’s career, the fascinating experience of performing live in close contact with an audience… And anyway, in order to do this job well, your approach has to be multi-directional. I have studied the classical and modern ballet, the waltz, the polka, the flamenco. I sing. I sing as a contralto. I can sing blues or folk songs, or switch to pop and an easy listening repertoire. When singing, I am able to use several languages such as Italian, French, English, and German. Besides, since I come from the Naples area, I can sing and play using the dialects spoken in Naples and Sicily. I love music, good music. The music played by big symphony or jazz orchestras, ragtime music, musical comedies, all that great players play… Speaking of which, I play the piano!

I was born in Gaeta, a beautiful peninsula between the Circeo and Naples, near the coast. As a consequence, I love the sea and I like swimming and sailing. But I like mountains too, skiing and horse-riding. I love nature, natural environments, open spaces. I am a committed ecologist and a fierce defender of animal rights. A great man said, ‘the world is not only something that belongs to us, but it is something that we will offer to our children’. Of course this quotation does not have much to do with my autobiography, but I like it.

My hobbies and studies apart, my artistic career started when I was still attending the second year courses at the Accademia. I started with Luca Ronconi as an ‘engaged actress’. Over the last years I have concentrated on writing and historical research. I have produced my own shows, performing them abroad with the aid of the Italian Foreign Office - please click on the SHOWS link. In order to tell you something more specific about my artistic career, I will start from my shows abroad.

I have been and will be touring with the following shows:

MY VOICE, a concert-show. Women’s voices in international music, by F. Scialdone, with M. J. Von Gartner and M. A. Bianchi on piano.

RIA ROSA DIVA ECCENTRICA FROM ITALY by F. Pannullo/F. Scialdone, with M. J. Von Gartner and M. A. Bianchi on piano.

LA CANZONE NAPOLETANA E I GRANDI POETI by F. Scialdone, with M. A. Bianchi and F. Bancalari on piano.

CANTANDO L'ITALIA by F. Scialdone, with M. A. Bianchi and F. Bancalari on piano.

LAURA ALLO SPECCHIO by F. Pannullo and F. Scialdone, with M. F. Bancalari on piano;

LE DONNE DI GARIBALDI by F. Pannullo and F. Scialdone, with M. F. Bancalari on piano.   


il mio curriculum vitae
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